Memorial Park

Let’s take a look around the Memorial Park.

The memorial park in Cerklje was designed in 1999.

Listen to the story of the Memorial Park

It includes 6 busts of dignitaries who made a significant contribution to the development and recognition of the municipality of Cerklje na Gorenjskem.

  • Ignacij Borštnik (1858-1919) – founder of the modern Slovene professional theatre
  • Janez Čebulj (1832-1898) – missionary among the American indigenous people
  • France Barle (1864-1928) – reorganizer of the Slovene fire brigade
  • Janez Mežan (1897-1972) – Slovene painter
  • Andrej Vavken (1838-1898) – Slovene musician and organist
  • France Kimovec (1879-1904) – Slovene composer and musician


Mark Ignacij Borštnik in the picture.



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Memorial Park

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